Animic animalal Packs

As we are starting to see less and less animals of the same kind each day, why we don’t put them in packs, as wolves? Like… instead of a lone squirrel, let’s put a little pack of them, maybe 2 or 3. ANd then there will be others, such as rattlesnakes, that will be loners. I think it would be a way to make it a bit more… realistic. But, well, i have never seen if they behave that way in RL so i can’t really know.

EDIT: Now that i read it says “Animic animalal Packs.” LOL. I must see when i misclick while writing.

How about a bears with cubs?
Or even zombears with zombear cubs.

I don’t think squirrels come in packs btw.
But rabbits breed like rabbits, so there would be tons of them around anywhere.