Tone down animals

To me the animals in this game seem crazy. If you’re initial spawn has a forest anywhere near you, changes are you’re gonna be chased down by wolves or a cougar before making it to town. Animals are afraid of people, they don’t just see a human and chase that person for 10 miles without giving up.

I think animals should not spawn for a few ingame hours, this makes it so a player won’t have to fight off a pack of wolves with the only building in a mile being the shelter.

Make it so animals don’t just attack the player unless the player is injured. You could add an ability that the player can use to attempt to scare the animal off, but this would be tedious and there could just be a check for the wild animal, based on the injury level of the player the animal ignores the player, follows the player, attempts to see the players fighting strength and going in for the kill.

It could go like, follows the player, the player throws a rock at it, it leaves him alone, OR it decides to attack the player to see if he would put up a fight. Could make the levels easy too. Make a pack of wolves change their behavior based on the size of the pack.


Well, I guess they’re really hungry. I understand, I do that in Unreal World.

They really are aggressive, makes me more scared of bears than I would be IRL. They are usually non-aggressive as long as it’s not about territory, children, or eating; here they’re bullies who beat you up and then don’t even take your lunch money. (This post was originally much longer, but I want to explore the idea I had in more depth, without hijacking this post.)

Aren’t there lore reasons for large animals to be overly aggressive?

iirc no, there is a lore reason for why only large animals have a zombie version (zombear, decayed pouncer, antled horror, grim howler) and a lore reason why some insects got big.

There is a code reason and i believe is because the variables are hard to increment in a curve instead of a spike, like the moose, make a sound they get angry and will follow until it gets damaged enough or you are dead, or you could be almost dead and it at full health, make a loud sound and it will flee, same with some of the dogs.

A few months ago, I gave up on the idea of a farm, because I would say 50% of the cows/horses i encountered were aggressive. I don’t know if it was fixed, but… has anyone had this kind of problem too, or did I come across a random error?

The animal empathy trait makes creatures less aggressive, and if already non-hostile unafraid of you getting close. granted, I have yet to figure out how/if you can handle and tame animals in any notable way. I assume you already know both of those things, but if you didn’t that’s on the table. ( I noticed a fairly big difference in my experience with animals once I had the empathy trait, sadly any mutated/monsterous versions of animals you find will remain bloodthirsty as usual)

I had the animal discord trait, but for me it was strange to see cows be so agressive, they were waging a war against the horses! lol. Every day, 2-3 cows that originally spawned at this particular farm that i was creating a base, were killed by the horses hahaha. Pretty funny if you think about it.

Doesn’t the blob increase aggression in humans, as evidenced on the lore page about more and more rioting prior to the fall and a video of a woman killing her baby? One could reasonably assume that it affects ALL mammals large enough to become zombified in this way.

Alternatively, think rabies. Rabies doesn’t actually make anything a ragebeast, it just screws with the creatures brain enough that it’s agitated and will attack because it’s not sure what’s happening. Additionally, probably the last 5 human-looking things that moose saw tried to run it down and bite it to death.

For the record, rabbits, foxes, squirrels, and bobcats all act like they should. Beavers are more aggro than I would expect. And it’s weird that sharks can be zombified since they have such a different biology.

Also, insects fall outside the realm of the norm in that their anatomy is so vastly different. The only affect on them was to make them vastly larger, and no other effects on their phenotypes. The reasons for this are unclear.

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