Animals can phase through walls?

So here I am with my pet crow. The only problem, how did it get inside the Mechanised Infantry Carrier?

I got inside by using debug to teleport. The walls of the vehicle are all intact, there is one broken XX roof spot - can Crows fly over walls / boards? It’s never done so before - I used salvaged cars to block off the farmland from the outside.

I wonder if it may have to do with how the ‘reality bubble’ behaves near the edge. Can animals move right up to the edge of the bubble? If the car wall was outside the bubble, and the crow was inside it, could it move onto the tile where the wall should be when it wasn’t ‘loaded’?

if a spot is XX broken that means you’re able to walk right through it as if it doesnt exist… though its the boards on cars are what actually block movement.

None of the boards were XX, only one roof tile. So ‘bug’, right?

Try reproducing it with intact cars.

I patched the roof, going to see if it can escape.

It must be a low rate occurrence, though. I tried putting a bunch of animals - two per pen - in the barn of a ranch and waiting for 6 hours a handful of times. Nobody snuck out.

Also tested another possible bug that I can’t reproduce. Once or twice it seemed as if a friendly crow was ‘erased’ by closing a gate at the exact moment they walked into the gap. Did a bunch of opening and closing but never got it to happen again.

Yes, crows can fly and they do that relatively often in my games. Not sure if pet crows can, though, or if they can use missing roof tiles of a car to get in.
They also don’t seem to consider different Z-levels in their path finding, at least not always.

Did you check above the gate? This could/would be one of the rare instances where they actually consider the Z-level as valid path. You might have to turn on Experimental 3D field of vision (Options->Debug) to be able to check above.

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Nope. That could be it. Obviously dogs/cows/sheep don’t fly so my ranch test wouldn’t prove anything.

… I just looked and there are two pet crows just about directly above where the gate was. They flew up, and never worked out how to fly down again.

Yeah, that’s a problem right now… While aggresive creatures may eventually come down to attack, creatures that flee or are passive don’t…
This results in a loot of bird poop all over the place with no animals in sight.

I’d like to change it at some point so that airborne creatures can’t stay up high indefinitely, but that’s relatively low priority for now.
All I can currently do, is to shoot them down…