< and > keys not working during category changes in latest experimental

In menus like the world creation menu after the mod selection process, the character creation menu, and the crafting menu, the change category keys aren’t working.The tab key does still work and cycles the menus fine, but I can go back when making a character to change something without completely remaking the character. I’ve already attempted going back from the latest build compiled off github and the experimental zips listed on the main Cataclysm DDA page.
In the mod selection screen I can switch between the mod list, blacklist, and balance tabs with those keys.
In game the < and > keys do work to move up and down stairs and it seems to only affect menus.
In the keybindings.json I can find the category switch key is correct and set to the < and > keys, I cannot find this in the ingame keybindings options since I can’t switch the keybindings categories either.
In the stable version of the game both of the keys work perfectly fine.

Use backtab to move backwards over tabs, like in almost any other application.

Key combination is usually shift+tab.