Using tab for category-select in inventory screen

I posted in the newb questions thread about this but haven’t seen a response, hopefully it’s okay to post a new thread about this.

Anyways, I very recently discovered this function and I gotta say it’s wonderful and feels like a total game changer despite being fairly insignificant in the long run, besides of course eliminating a lot of key-strokes. So yeah, amazing feature.

Problem: I reinstalled my game (latest experimental) and suddenly this feature is gone and I have no idea how to to re-enable it. I’ve looked through the settings and the keybindings screens a couple times each. Can’t find anything.

I really want this back. Please help.

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Yeah, there were some changes “recently” that bound this function to the [t] key.
You can rebind it to tab if you wish… Open your inventory, press the [?] key (yes, actually a question mark) and remap the Switch category selection mode locally to [TAB].

I remember there was a collision with something else that also uses the tab key when I rebound it a few weeks ago, but I don’t quite remember in which case it happened and I don’t seem to find it now.

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