An option for multiple saves, like in Warband (Savescumming.)

Basically, one option “Realistic,” that works as it does now, where it saves on Death, and another for those who are save scumming anyways (just making it easier if it’s something they want to do. Nothing wrong with more options.) We could call it casual, or savescum mode, or loser mode or whatever.

Having a binary option is available in many games and roguelikes, so it’d be cool to see it added here.

Re derogatory names: hell, no.

Re support for maintaining multiple saves: not a priority. We don’t much care if you do, but we make no effort to facilitate or prevent it; officially, DDA is permadeath.

The game is already doing everything we’re willing to have it do to accommodate people’s aversion to permadeath, which is that it’s not deleting your save on death. It moves it to the graveyard folder, and in fact it moves the last autosave to the graveyard folder, death doesn’t trigger a save.

Oh that’s pretty rad actually.