Ammunition crafting / extra recipes

It seems to me that some types of ammunition that currently aren’t craftable should be. My last attempts at JSON editing ended in horrible disaster so I’ll leave the actual implementation to someone vaguely competent, but here are my suggestions:

Steel Crossbow Bolts
Should be forgeable. Requires forge + swage-and-die-set, made from metal (scrap / chunk / lump)

This stuff is pretty easy to make, just electrolyse some water. Given that it’s a solid item and not a ‘liquid’ it clearly includes a container.
Requires chemistry set and salt (which is not consumed). Made from water and plastic chunks (for the container), consumes lots of charge from the chemistry set.

Railgun Slugs
The official H&K slugs are apparently cast from cobalt, but it should be quite possible to cast some (slightly inferior) homemade copies out of soft iron.
Requires forge, crucible, press-and-die-set (just like making Bearings). Made from metal (scrap / chunk / lump).

I like the ideas!

I think you cant craft hydrogen because it is small canister containing liquid hydrogen.

Crafting Rail gun ammo, sure, it could be even better to make them able to shoot bearings though.

For hydrogen you’d be better off using a container as a tool rather than having plastic chunks be absorbed while crafting the recipe. Also you’d need some way to pressurize a bottle of hydrogen but otherwise I agree.

All you need to do is make hydrogen aforementioned way, use a special compressor to chill and condense it into a canister. It could operate on batteries and have a high charge cost for canister refills. Like a standardized press and die for advanced technologies. Of course, a ‘homemade’ compressor should be craft able too. Gasoline and battery operated versions.

That’s a good idea. Field Reloading Unit, learned from Lab Journal Herrera and made with an electric motor, rubber hose, and power converters. Used for making Hydrogen and Fusion Cells.

You know what else should be craftable? Dynamite!

To make dynamite IRL you need four things. Five things.

  • Sulfuric acid
  • Nitric acid
  • Glycerine
  • Absorbent material (ideally a special type of clay, but other things work)
  • Blatant disregard for personal safety and wellbeing

As always we’ll need to simplify down to things that are actually in the game, with liberal application of Crafting Magic

  • Sulfuric acid is easy, that’s Concentrated Acid
  • There’s no nitric acid equivalent, but we could use Ammonia and say that it gets converted into nitric acid first
  • Glycerine is trickier. If soap was in it could be extracted from that, otherwise my best bet is Cooking Oil. It’s a liquid made of organic chemicals, close enough.
  • Without kieselguhr or diatomaceous earth you can use Paper in a pinch

I don’t think there’s any way to have a risk of explosion during crafting, so instead we should lock it off to a fairly high level of Cooking skill (7?) to limit it to characters good enough to make it without exploding. Book would be Physical Chemistry probably, and tool is obviously Chemistry Set.

re: dynamite