Cataclysms that should darken our days

Everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong. I think it would be good to collect all the apocalypses we want in one place. I think each apocalypse should be given it’s own zone of the game world, rather then “anything goes” as it does at the minute. As time wears on, there’s increasing overlap, but in a sensible way. I want the reaction to new critters to be “hey, that’s not a zombie” for the most part rather then “buckle up for cybermen and demons lol”.


[ul][li]Natural disaster[/li]
[li]Horsemen of the apocalypse - possibly the biblical version. Needs careful handling; demons/angels could rarely pop up in the wider game world (always for a reason), but if you want to go to the hellmouth that should be an option.[/li]
[li]Creatures from folklore, because a surprise werewolf is simply too cool to pass up. Could possibly have a shadowrun zone, either with ordinary survivors becoming myths or myths trying to figure out the modern post-apocalyptic world.[/li]
[li]“Non-euclidean”, lovecraftian stuff. We have more then enough horrible monsters, so that shouldn’t be the focus. Sanity defying, reality bending stuff should be.[/li]
[li]Radioactive wasteland[/li]
[li]Superpower flavoured; both the “escaped science experiment” and “One too many superheroes” flavours. Flips the game from avoid the swarm to flee the NPC.[/li]
[li]Ragnorok - same rules as the biblical stuff[/li]
[li]Time travel disaster- a zone scrambled together from earths timeline[/li]
[li]Deliberate invasion[/li][/ul]

Natural disasters sound tricky. First you’ll need an explanation, something happened before Day 1 that triggered enough natural disasters to be relevant in-game. They’re not exactly a common event IRL. If you get caught in one you also shouldn’t have any reasonable chance of survival if you’re unprepared, so preparation will be key, either by getting out of the way or riding it out. According to the wiki, the radio will eventually pick up signals from other factions. The radio could also serve to warn players of incoming disasters, and then they can prepare. I like this idea.

Kevin Granade’s Design Outline states that supernatural factors have to be a) fun and b) have a Cata twist. That goes for the horsemen, demons, angels, mythical creatures, non-Euclidian stuff, and Ragnorok (1 apocalypse isn’t good enough for you?). Horsemen would probably only exist as a mod boss. Demons might be associated with the unfinished hellmouths. Angels, let’s not give the survivor’s too much hope. They certainly can’t be associated with God or heaven, and they’re not on the survivors’ side. Mythical creatures sounds iffy. I can’t think of a good reason for them to be present, and besides that we already have wolf people. THE Ragnarok doesn’t sound like a good idea, considering that involves a great, climactic battle (the player will likely never be on that level), natural disasters (already discussed), and the flooding of the world (a bit much for a game restricted to the New England area). The Biblical equivalent involves the Horsemen of the apocalypse, and honestly I don’t see it as being something the player should be able to deal with, either by fighting or running.

Radioactive wasteland might be a cool world generation option, either the US or some other government bombed the country to hell and back as a last resort. Radiation everywhere. Most houses flattened, forests scorched, supplies scarce. I know there’s a world generation option that lets you select between normal world generation and a “desert” world, although I’ve never touched it.

Superpowered NPCs - only achievable through extensive use of CBMs and maybe mutation. You might see heavily mutated/modified NPCs as the game advances. NPCs with CBMs might need some specific balancing so that the player doesn’t get assassinated with invisibility or Time Dilation.

Areas that have been screwed up by time travel would certainly be interesting (knights vs. dinosaurs, oh yeah). Considering it’s already canon that scientists messed up pretty badly with interdimensional travel it’s not too farfetched that they would have been experimenting with a dimension we already knew existed as well.

An invasion doesn’t sound plausible, keep in mind that before the Cataclysm according to lore the United States was in full “USA! USA! USA!” mode and presumably had even more firepower than ever before, both among civilians and in the military. The military and 99% of the country was overwhelmed regardless, so I can’t imagine other countries’ ground forces successfully penetrating zombified America.

I’ve already considered making a mod that adds natural disasters. I was thinking tornadoes in spring/summer. Just random odds of them during storms. Better find that basement!

the time travel one and the horsemen of the apocalyspse sound good.
a place where beings from diffrent times spawn and fight sounds good because its original and adds a bit more mobs.
the horsemen is a good idea as well because it gives end-game something to focus on, since now once you get power armor or are high level you’re literally invincible and can one shot a hulk unarmed

I am unsure as to how the horsemen would fit into the world though, I mean the blob and nether creatures only survive due to the energy of the nether or the protection that our decomposing corpses provide so would the horsemen be intelligent zombies or intelligent nether creatures ???

Either way if they are part of the unified blob mind or a intelligent nether eldritch demon I would love if they were capable of speaking to the player like a npc before slaughtering you in the name of bringing forth an apocalypse

However given the nature of your title I would like if some complex static npc quests with a hp lovecraft, hr geiger or edgar allen poe twist like the one where you obtain a relic from a church that has faceless men in the basement or simply if eldritch monsters were added/changed in that they can commune with you and you can speak to them (possibly persuade them not to kill you for your insignificance and tell you there plans) but after you should be broken mentally (aka short term hallucinations with a chance to develop Schizophrenia,psychosis or masochism that is increased/decreased by intelligence due to the horror and your perception of reality being broken)

EDIT: We are already being invaded by the Nether,Marloss,triffids and blob three of which are written so that they have some semblance of a interdependence upon one and other so what the fuck else would want to invade us and deal with them

Also I note harison stated that we have wolf people but actually we don’t…As far as I am aware the player is the only functional mutant aside from one npc that you actually cannot tell is one (CHUDs don’t count)
so perhaps along with cyborgs you could find some malformed mutants and half lupine,arachnid or insect humans along with a few quests and locations that have mutants that escaped labs

If we do eldritch stuff, i recommend ripping from Infra Arcana. Atmosphere is perfect though perhaps HyperRogue has the right idea about alien geometries.

I have no Idea what either are and there is only a wiki for hyper rogue which feels like just another rogue like fantasy so if you could enlighten me as to the attributes that would fit this game I would appreciate it :slight_smile:

This should explain hyperrogue; main thing is the weird as fuck maps, which is straight out of


Infra Arcana i recommend playing, but it’s got sanity mechanics, creepy sound effects and levels you’re not sure you should keep exploring.

Yeah, see, the thing about actual apocalypses…they kill you. They kill you, your neighbor, your family, and pretty much everyone else. Initiating ragnaros means you die. Putting in horsemen of the apocalypse means you die.

Reflect on what the cataclysm is: a cataclysm. Not an apocalypse. There’s no game to be had in an apocalypse. You just die.

Classic zombie apocalypse would be a fitting option.