Amigara Faulty

OK, I understand the Amigara Fault is supposed to be a high-end encounter: there’s an artifact (theoretically one every time you hit the computer?) up for grabs, for fae’s sake.

However, I’d like to know:

  1. Why do the Horrors take 10-12 turns to show up, and sometimes not show at all? I’m not sure how a melee fighter is supposed to do 250 damage per turn…which is what I’d need to do when four Horrors show up around 15 turns after I log off the computer and the cavern starts shaking. Code I’ve got seems to call for 3-5 Horrors, and I’ve averaged 1-2, with a fair amount of 0s. Four was an anomaly rather than the norm.

  2. How did the Horrors one-shot me, as described in the recent deaths-thread? [Short version: second turn, I attack, BOOM Game Over from dark green health and reinforced clothing in all relevant areas. ST 13, DX 10, Dodge 7 or 8, Melee 9, Cutting Weapons 7, Rapier equipped.] Not much to learn from that, as repeated tests proved that that character could defeat 1-2 Amigara Horrors at a time without significant damage, doing about 60 DPT provided that he made his IN roll. (IN 14; he made it more often than not.) I don’t even know where they allegedly hit me.

The horror’s have a ranged attack that can paralyze you for a short time. I’m not certain but it may be possible for multiple (or maybe even one if yer really unlucky) to chain stun you. And since the game doesn’t tell you what happened until your next turn it never told you that’s what happened. They used their paralyze every chance they got, you failed your saves particularly hard, and they beat you to death while their paralyze was on cooldown.

As for not all the Horror’s showing up, yea, that seems to be a problem. I have yet to get anything from an Amigara fault.