Amigara Freeze; Experimental Build 0.A-2267

When the Amigara horrors appeared after triggering the tremors, the game froze within a turn or two of their appearance.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

The Amigara horrors have the special attack [tt]fear_paralyze[/tt], which (if successful, high intelligence protects) takes 100 move points of the player character (usually a full turn). However that attack has a frequency of 0, which means the monster can do it every turn.

Now with several of those monsters, each does this attack every turn, which means the move point of the player character get never go above 0 and the monster have time to kill the character.

I suggest adding a timeout for that special attack. Other monsters have that attack too, but they appear as single monster and the attack is not always successful, so the player has a chance against those.

This is more of a balance issue. The Amigara scenario can be farmed for artifacts if you’re good enough to kill the horrors within about 5-10 turns, so they need to be Dangerous. I agree that 0 cooldown may be a bit much, but I wouldn’t add more than a two or three-turn cooldown, if that.

What about that special attack steal 75-100 movement points? So you have a chance to react even if the monster use in every turn.