Mine bug, or just really weird odds

0.A af70625
SDL / Tiles
Windows 7

For those who don’t want possibly massive spoilers, move along. This entire topic will probably be filled with them.

So I have been playing for almost 3 seasons in game and I decide to delve into a nearby mine to see what I can find. Since I’ve tried to spoil as little of the late game as possible I was pretty exited. Going down several floors, killing a few dark wyrms, finding a couple of CBMs and general doing alright.

I get what I believe is the last level and find the Amigara Fault finale. At the time of finding it, I didn’t have a clue what it was (I have since looked it up) and went over to the console hoping to get more information. Since the information is very vague I decided to do what any good adventurer would do and activate the tremor test. So the tremors start, I get the “Amigara Obsession” debuff and am waiting for something to happen. I’m thinking the fault is going to open and lead to some boss fight but nothing happens.

I wait until the debuff goes away and seeing that nothing happened I do it again. Again nothing.
A third time… nothing.

So I go onto the wiki wondering if there is even anything that is supposed to happen. Upon reading that there should be several Amiga Horrors currently devouring my brain I go back into the game and activate it again (since the wiki also says that there is a chance for 0 horrors to spawn)
… again nothing.

So now I’m not sure if there could have been some kind of bug that stops them from spawning or if I legitimately got 0 horrors four times in a row. Statistically I guess that is possible, but still.

I have the save file if anyone wants it, just not sure where to put it.