Amigara fault bugged?

I found the mines with the fault at the bottom with my latest charecter and after setting off the tremors… nothing happened. I figured I was just unlucky so I did it again. Then I did it about 20 more times. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Not a horror in sight. Is this normal? BTW I’m playing 0.9 latest stable release, no experimental builds. Also I only have 1 computer skill but I think that only effects if you can set of the tremor or not, rather than how many horrors come once they start.

It happens occasionally, your computers skill (if I remember right) only effects if you can or cannot activate it. Every so often the horrors fail to spawn though.

Plus, I think you actually have to go up against the walls and walk along it for a bit for them to spawn. I know that’s what I had to do for them to spawn. If I just waited it out nothing happened.

Why does computer skill affect this of all things?

It’s not simply because of the lack of artefact feature ? Whatever i look at it, they don’t spawn anymore for a long time, and this event is artefact-related.