Aluminium / Aluminum Foil

Mostly a joke item, players can craft various armaments and jewelry out of aluminum (I’m American :P) foil. It can be crafted into wrappers and loaded with food for storage. New meal recipes using aluminum foil for wrapping can precede the need for boiling quality items in some situations. For instance, wrapped baked potatoes, fish fillets, summer sausage etc. If we also added toilet cleansers and liquid drain opener bottles to closets and bathrooms, aluminum foil could be used as a catalyst for a home-made bomb or other known chemical reactions. If anyone’s feeling cheeky they could make a mind-attacking creature whose attacks are blocked by aluminum foil headgear (obviously, more effective means of protection would exist :D). Aluminum foil-modified equipment could have a minor bonus in resistance to any laser weapons, present or future. Aluminum foil is a cheap reflective surface and could be used to create makeshift solar ovens reheat food or a solar still to clean water cheaply. The stills would be delicate, touching them will trigger them, getting the target wet, breaking the “trap” but otherwise not much else. This means zombies and invaders can path through and smash your solar stills :P.

On a side note, I believe items made of copper should be given their own material type. Fancy stuff is made of gold, which has its own material type and I think it only fair that the more contemporary qualities of the “lesser” metal of copper be ensconced in the game. Players could find an antique coin collection made of zinc and copper coins and create a buffer with salt water or saline solution to create a makeshift battery or to recharge a battery on a vehicle. Perhaps a construction task that uses the battery items (wire, copper items, zinc items, saline and a buffer like a sponge or cotton balls) to recharge a nearby vehicle battery? The addition of draw plates for making your own wire and tubing out of recycled copper would be pretty boss, as well. Distilled home cleansers, water, reclaimed lead, and recycled copper can be used to completely replace a truck battery if the character possesses the skill.

Edit: On further examination it seems that Aluminum is already in the game but it’s not applied appropriately to some items. Hip flasks are tagged as made of aluminum but aluminum cans are made of steel. Also in error, tin cans are made of iron when they should be made of steel (tin-coated steel, but steel for simplicity’s sake) I also noticed that some jewelry is made of silver. Since we’ve added gold and silver, it seems only logical to add copper as well.

Used to do this all the time as a kid. Even made swords and stuff out of them. Vote +1