Almost impossible to create stone tools from scratch

well you could make that the case as simply as having everything that can chisel wood be tier 1 or mabye tier 2 chiseling, where everything else is tier 2 (where it overlaps) through tier 4 chiseling

the only reason i can think of for there being wood chiseling as a seperate thing would be for… mabye construction of objects like chairs? you’d need a more fine chisel or other tool for a fine sculpture rather than a big chunky chisel made of stone for that though.

then instead of chiseling and wood chiseling it should be chiseling and fine chiseling.

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Maybe, but you can still fine-chisel stone. See marble statues. Chisels made for stone and metalworking are different inherently, but wood chiselling has never been used in the game before this single stone chisel was added.

I guess finding chisel sets like screwdriver and file sets could be something that people could look forward to if they want to build their own furniture? If we really want to add another layer to it all. But if wood chiselling is always going to be this one chisel, that’s wonky.


That’s not how this works, “popular demand” doesn’t influence the game, if you add a thing that exist irl with a reasonnable implementation it’s in and that’s it.

I may, but I don’t want to do anything without first discussing it in good faith. I will more likely make a mod to rebalance primitive tools to avoid stepping on anyone’s toes.

The game is open source and welcomes contributions, if you have a reasonnable addition to make make it to the game directly.
Here’s the guide to help making contributions Guide to adding new content to CDDA for first time contributors · CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA Wiki · GitHub
Here’s the link to the discord server if you need help contributing:

Way late to the party here but if you dig shallow pits (with a digging stick you don’t need deep pits) around the shallow water tiles that are in forests you can get sand. Even before sand was added you could get lumps of clay from shallow pits around shallow water. Forgive me if you’ve already figured out better ways to get sand and I’m too late.

As I’ve written before, the place where you dig does not matter: