Allergy Treatment Shots

So in game you can find flu shots to give yourself immunity to the flu. I was thinking that there is another injectable which would be nice to have: Allergy shots. They could be rare, and used to permanently remove existing allergy traits, such as Wool Allergy or Junkfood Intolerance. In real life you typically need them regularly, or at least a series of shots, but I’m thinking since this takes place in near future, it could be a next generation treatment, requiring only one shot (I’ve seen some work that has been done on this in real life as well, for peanuts).

They might be allergy specific for balance purposes, and you would need to find a different shot type for each allergy.

I think it might be easier to just make that a bionic that uses your body’s chem production to make a cure for your allergies over time causing a slight increase in hunger and tiredness. I mean they already have something similar for diabetics with the insulin pump which helps them maintain a level blood sugar so making one for allergies doesn’t seem that far fetched and making it’s own could be equated to the nano repair bionic. But I like this idea in general.

I think that same bionic could also be used for dealing with the traits chemical imbalance, bad temper, mood swing, insomnia, narcolepsy, schizophrenia, pyromania, and topographagnosia to name a few that come to mind. Since these are all dealing with some sort of brain chemistry, I dont think it would be as over powered as it sounds, it would just cover a wide base of potential negative traits.

Instead (or with) shots we could have allergy medication that temporarily suppresses the allergic reaction.
For those cases when you’re hungry of just really wanting to eat those glazed tenderloins.

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Maybe have a really light power cost when running as its doing a minor job maybe you could add an ability to it so it could deal with shock from an infection or poison and let you walk just that few feet more to your precious meds.

Probably best to drop the “near future” assumption.
Day-to-day life is in no way significantly more advanced than present day, there’s sporadic superscience stuff hiding in labs that has spilled out, and a few zany things scattered around that don’t really fit, but if you need repeated allergy suppression shots today, it’s best to use that as your starting point for the game.

Also if there were an allergy cure, why would anyone have allergies anymore?

Very expensive. Still experimental. There are plenty of reasons.

Possibly have it be suppressed by certain bionics, the blood filter and/or repair nanites for example?

Use some patch on the arm or a cbm to give timed doses requiring rare refills.

Thinking in terms of “the patch” for smokers and nicotine. We already have garment injector devices that dose the toon on activation for stimulants. Why not expand this concept with other applications; allergy suppression.

Maybe have it work on the same clock the inhaler does any time the illness kicks up it doses.

Yeah I got one of those, and I love it. Usually activate it along with the adrenaline pump bionic and uncanny dodge when I’m in deep shit, and I’m like:

I only wish the dialogue line for activating said “You activate your stimulant injector, ahh thats the stuff!”

I dig that. Would be cool for other items used to have several response for diversity =D

I don’t know about a cure, but the allergy suppressing drugs seem like they would fit. And it would still keep the advantage as an issue since the character would this be forced to use these drugs sparingly. Though I’m fond of the idea of a lactose intolerant character popping one and taking the time to binge on grilled cheese and nachos.

CRISPR, you can find the equipment in the labs. Like a purifyer but you can specify for some few things to change, like allergies or other minor genetic issues. And over the course of a week or two your DNA treatment is fully done, removing the allergy and maybe giving the chance for something to go wrong as well. Would require the equipment and probably knowledge on how to sequence your genetic code first, could even find some utility in that with mutations and bionics. Having that knowledge would give a minor insight into how the mutagens and biotics would affect you, maybe even give you a small buff to success