All windows builds failing after 11203

Something is broken. There are even no changelog entries, while Linux builds still have them… that is, until 11209, at which point even those stop. Both CL entries and successful builds. Couldn’t find anything on github so asking here: is Kevin (or whoever is maintaining Jenkins) aware of the problem?

the builds being pushed to github recently have been failing githubs ‘tests’, which is why they keep doing the same build over and over and over again, cause they’re trying to get it to go up properly

… patience~

i dunno, if you look here it shows timeout errors of fetching data from github, which started exactly at 11204.

well yeah, it fails for a reason XD

… but while it fails on the website, its entirely possible it still works clientside, otherwise they wouldnt be trying to upload it.

I can’t talk for others, but I feel like they are aware of this, as only successful builds for all operating systems make it to the download page which I assume they do check from time to time… as well as Jenkins and its builds, certainly.

**13:04:24** > /usr/bin/git fetch --tags --progress git:// ${REPO_REFSPEC} # timeout=30
**13:34:24** ERROR: Timeout after 30 minutes

Yeah, looks like GitHub didn’t respond in time.

The current/upcoming build looks good, aside from Windows 32-Bit Version, which failed building/compiling (which means it will again be missing on the download page)… but all other versions can be downloaded from GitHub itself - probably.