Recent Jenkins builds (>7129) failing/skipping?

Perfunctory apologies if this is in the wrong place, etc. …

I’m a fairly avid updater/follower of new features, but the latest bunch of builds have all been failing as per the Jenkins dashboard. Normally I just wait for it to clear up, but there is a flurry of commits and builds, and they’re all failing/skipping.

If this is intended behavior for the moment, NVM. :wink:

Ever yours, etc.


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I’m here because there is no x86_64 windows tile version after 7129. But the downfall began from the 7121 version and just got worse. What happening?

There are a couple/few issues about builds on github, but the launcher isn’t able to use any of the newer builds – likely if the flag is failed/skipped, etc.

We have but to wait. :frowning:


Fix in progress:

Not intended per se, just a dumb mistake.

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Awesome! Thank you for checking it out/fixing.

I love watching this game evolve!

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