Newer than new experimental builds

So, I only realised this today, but you can download some experimental builds that have not made it as far as the official experimental builds page. What I mean is that right now #11262 is here
Experimental Builds
But I can pick up #11268 Windows X64 Tiles here
Index of /cataclysm/jenkins-latest/Windows_x64/Tiles

I’m not sure what the criteria is, maybe the official page only includes builds where ‘enough’ operating systems have successful artifacts to download?

If you find bugs in builds that aren’t on the official page yet do people basically not want to know because those ones aren’t working properly yet anyway??

Bug reports on new ones are fine. I don’t know what process is used to update the separate website, but anything the jenkins build bot has put out as a finished build is good to go, play, test, etc. The build bot changelog and history is pinned right to my favorites for just such a reason, found Here

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should grab the CDDA game launcher:

it updates regularly with the newer builds and lets you download them immediately… and skips over builds that failed and are unplayable, as well as shows the changelogs for each available version.
… it also has mods on it so you can update those regularly as well!

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And sometimes it even allows you to get builds which are not yet in changelog :rofl:
Right now, for example, I can DL 11270 but changelog ends at 11269.