Experimental builds are 404'd

Just tried downloading from the main cataclysm page, curses, sdl and linux are all 404’d.

There haven’t been any new releases since 0.9.RC1-39-g826f765 (I think) at least from what I’ve seen on GitHub, two “empty commits” from some “narc0tiq” but seeing as 0 files were changed both times I didn’t see the point to DLing them, maybe something broke?

It seemed like the latest one was just after I passed out this morning(night guy) so I figured I’d check and see, but it should still be available. not 404’ing.

Narc is the person who set up and maintains the Jenkins build-bot (who automatically builds the experimentals when things get pushed to them). My guess would be that he’s doing some tweaks/updates to the Jenkins bot, so experimentals are down for the moment until that gets up and running again.

The experimental builds never stopped working at any point (that was kind of important), but the .zip file did change name from “cataclysmdda-0.8” to -0.9, so I took the time to also merge the Jenkins jobs. All four of the builds are now available at http://ci.narc.ro/view/Cataclysm-DDA/job/Cataclysm-Matrix/, and GlyphGryph was kind enough to update all the front page links, too.

Thank you narc. Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Yeah but the changes are not showing, if there are any.

Considering there haven’t been any new commits since my last test to ensure the commits would actually trigger a build… what changes would you be expecting to see?