Experimental Builds

Something’s wrong with building, last experimental to download is #11075 from four days ago.

looks fine to me

It’s missing some…: Windows 64-Bit and OSX.
The last sucessful build for all of them - excluding android - was 11076…

Hmmm, I was looking here:

I found the link for experimentals on Git main project page

Though I am normally using launcher, I tried to find the build only after the launcher failed.

Nope, the builds failed:

the devs are already aware, pointing it out here won’t solve anything unless you have a fix.

I know (or assume) that they are aware of this. All I’m saying is that it’s not “looking fine”, but it actually failed…

If they are aware, then all is well and good. I had no idea they already know about the issue, so I made a post in The Garage about it.