All shown as unexplored and NPCs giving liquids without containers

As title says, I tried to go down the shelter basement after just spawning into the (new) world and a message saying something like “The way down is blocked”. After that the area map (the one accessed by M) displayed everything as unexplored. Saving the game didn’t create any files, just an empty Save dir.

Also, in a new game created just after that the NPC at the shelter gave me gasoline (200) as reward, without a container. So right now I somehow have 200 gasoline stored somewhere on me (and I REALLY don’t want to know where it’s stored).

The first issue has happened again. After trying to go down the basement in the shelter and getting the “halfway down the way is blocked” msg everything appears as unexplored. This time I decided to wander around before quitting and noticed that the whole map has changed. The river to the east of the shelter is no more, etc. Basically, I teleported to another place when going down the stairs, as the map has changed. But the starting NPC is still there, and the save dir is empty after saving, so I guess it’s really a bug.