All non-Natural artifacts are given id:artifact_zu


This has the nasty effect of causing the second artifact found to override them all.
Natural artifacts are unaffected, they appear to be assigned id in the format of artifact_0, artifact _1, artifact_2, and so on.
When a second artifact is encountered in game it is fine, but once the game is saved and the artifact file updated and reloaded, all non-Natural artifacts are the same. Only the charges an item had is saved. Each time a new non-Natural artifact is found, it overwrites all existing artifacts due to this id conflict, and in the artifact file, each entry is simply replaced so you have 5 copies of the same artifact, for instance.


That bug seems to be the result of a string-formatting bug: the zu is supposed to be replaced by a unique number.

That bug should have been fixed in the experimental builds.

Thanks for the bug report.

I have made a mistake. ALL artifacts suffer this. I looked at the code and couldn’t figure out why non-natural would only be affected. The truth is all artifacts are. However, in the stable 0.A release, artifacts are given proper numerical progressing ID’s. I had collected two artifacts, updated to experimental, and all new artifacts were _zu, I just hadn’t picked up an natural artifacts since I updated.

I downloaded the latest experimental (Windows SDL Build #1284) 0.A - 385825e and the problem still exists. It seems that _%zu is not functioning properly.