0.5 Artifact becomes none (Spoiler)

So I picked up a glittering lamp artifact. I even used it a few times without incident. I noticed it seems to recharge when you hold it, but it SEEMS to cause pain when it does so. So, I used it but hurriedly stashed it without letting it charge, depositing it in my car’s trunk without any charges, and took a break, saving the game. When I went looking for it, it was gone and there was a none in my trunk. Very… strange. Because it shows as none, it’s kinda hard to search the forum for other incidents like this.

Peeking into a save from when it hadn’t become a none, I found it would also become none if I simply dropped it, even with charges. I’ll keep copies of the saves around and keep playing, hoping it’s not corrupting or anything. But I can definitely reproduce the bug easily enough. Seems to stay intact if I keep it in my inventory.

UPDATE: The version I was playing off was wrapped as CataDDA0.5 and had .5’s MOTD and it’s noticeable changes but under the bubble was listed as 0.4-git. Downloaded a new copy from the same location as before now gets me a CataDDA0.5 with the listed version as 0.5 so, the bug might actually be gone. I don’t know, gonna see if the save is compatible as test it.

Is this in 0.5? Hrm, I thought we had fixed that bug :-/.

It’s .5 alright. The one I found on the front page. Would it be of any help uploading my save file?

If you’ve got a save with reproduction, sharing it would help a lot.

Okay, wow you guys are fast. Updated the first post with more information. To clarify, this is a new character a started on 0.5. I just now tried copying my save folder in a freshly downloaded copy of .5 and it also happens, but again, weirdly the MOTD and the version number of the one I’d been playing before now didn’t match up. I realize that kind of devalues this bug report. :x Still headscratching.

As for the save, just drop the artifact on the ground, quit the client, and reload it and you’ve got a none.

There have been some bugfixes to the version .5 up on the site, mostly minor stuff. Thanks for the notice. Now we’ll try to fix the thing/

I think the main bugfix was changing the MOTD, actually :P.

Also, it looks like it’s any artifact that’s dropped on the ground, using the current git version. Curious… but, at least that makes testing easier for us.

There’s also a bug where if you start a new game in a world that already has artifacts, those artifacts will be overwritten. This happens because game::start_game() doesn’t call load_artifacts().

edit: The bug where artifacts on the ground become “none” happens I think because the map loads on game start but the artifacts load on character load.

You could fix this by making load_artifacts() public and calling it in main.cpp before MAPBUFFER.load() but idk, maybe it’s private for a reason. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or a better way would be to call load_artifacts() from void game::init_ui(). That fixes both bugs now that I think about it.

Does have to be dropped.
I saved my game while near an anomaly… I had seen an artifact before I saved but there was some weird creature there. So I saved and came back. After dealing with the creature the artifact became a none. It was one of those spiral weirdness. :stuck_out_tongue: