After A Long Hiatus

I’ve been gone for a very long time, and came back wondering how I would manage to change the sidebar.

I also would love to know what large or massive channels have happened in the last 3 years? Any tips, as this is a rolling development game are quite welcome.

For the sidebar -

  1. How would I make the text area larger.
  2. What are other, new features added to it?

Experimental features thread

The long and short is, within three years, basically a totally different game.


The new stable 0.D is light years ahead Cooper stable. I still play experimental, but I have to admit that current stable is a whole new experience in comparison.

This game is almost at the point where I’m likened to describe it as the Matrix 0.01 alpha, the level of depth has become so involved in the game play.

The devs have put a lot of heart and work into this game.


Did you have a lets play channel on youtube a couple years back?