Affecting the State of a Region/ Factions Future

Although CDDA will never head in the direction to suffer from “chosen one syndrome”.

Is it possible that a player can interact with factions, npcs, and their environment enough to alter the future of a region or factions?

(Not sure if this is already possible, so forgive me if it is!)

For example, if you and your personal faction numbered in the hundreds, were well equipped with ranged weapons, armor, vehicles, and could source materials for bullet production and food production, its foreseeable to actively kill hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of zombies through a controlled effort. ( maybe even a hypothetical alliance/cooperation between the Old Guard and your own faction).

Although this is insanely impressive, I believe with the current capabilities a player controlled survivor has, it’s not hard to imagine that a group of disciplined, loyal, and well armed survivors/followers could effectively clear our towns and regions, from the relative comfort of a reinforced hybrid bus. So far, the only issue I can see is if gunpowder was not craft able, or if the guns/barrels themselves began to become inoperable after 12,000-20,000 rounds having been fired through them. Though I like to believe, if there are strong holdouts or thriving cleared regions, that 10 years after a cataclysm there might be some communities with the capabilities of fixing/replacing the barrel of a gun(but not necessarily being able to build/replace the more complicated parts)

My question is. Does this fit into the future of CDDA? If this is seen as desired by the core developers in some fashion then this makes my heart sing. This could be a form of a lategame goal that survivors could work to in establishing faction camps/and clearing out regions that hopefully isnt unrealistic or fall into the issues from of the chosen one syndrome.

Thank you for all of the work you do developers! I plan on one day soon helping add content or bugfix, rather than just talk about neat potential ideas!

Don’t know about clearing the entire region or your faction on their own becoming the major power in the region. But i don’t think that becoming a post-apocalyptic warlord in charge of several battle-hardened militia’s equipped with military equipment and heavy weaponry should be seen as unrealistic. Nor should establishing your own stable community or even larger settlement be or even a larger series of smaller scale settlements and outposts. The main obstacles to this would be time. You would need to invest a lot of time to recruit enough NPC’s and get them loyal/skilled enough to form a proper settlement or militia.

The most realistic way i can see you building a settlement is if you get a base and that slowly grows and develops over time until it gets to a point where others are actively coming to you to trade or even to live there. At that point it should be large enough and influential enough to be called a settlement.

I think you could get a sizable militia easily enough just by being a successful enough survivor/scavenger band. You and your companions while wandering the wasteland are able to find military grade equipment, just be living in a harsh world you all learn survivalist skills and how to fight together effectively (you figure out what settings to give to different NPC’s). Your party grows and only a few people die and a few years in your band is several dozen man strong and could clear a medium sized town in a day without wasting a single bullet and could lay siege to a large raider base if you really wanted to.

But why go through the trouble of building your own faction if you could just join some of the existing factions and rise through their ranks or take them over outright. Think joining a raider gang and rising to the top until you are in charge. Maybe join the old guard and get your followers to act on their behave or be made part of their forces at which point you might actually be a major factor in helping them establish control in the region.

I feel like what you are saying makes sense.

Out of curiosity to the developer here.

If I were to try and work on creating missions for the oldguard in this theme of them trying to retrain people or gather resources to fortify themselves enough to expand/ prepare to clear lands for resettlement, would that be accepted/potentially pulled into the main file? I don’t want to create a mod for this, I’d only like to do it if it fits in with the core game/theme of CDDA. I understand that there is a process of people suggesting changes before it can get implemented and I’ll follow it all dutifully, I’m just curious to see if this is even something worth/desired working towards

I could imagine missions like bring back tens to hundreds of specific assault rifles as well as Thousands of bullets, vehicles, electric motors, solar panels, things like that as we collectively gather resources trapped behind hordes of zombies, or that they deem too risky to gather given that they are already spread thin, but are more than open to hiring mercenaries like yourself to take care of some of the more arduous/dangerous tasks.

I was looking at mlangsdorf posts for first time modders. I was just wondering if this is something people/the developers would like before I decide to try and add more to this beautiful creation

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There is no need in appeasing people - just do the thing for yourself.

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Really like the idea. Maybe you could make it so that if you and your followers are good enough you might be offered to be made part of their forces as a way to outright join them.

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Will do:) Thank you Zhilkin