How long would it take to find all the bionics?

I was sitting here wondering what it would take to find all of the cbms in the game when I found this article:

So let’s say there are 82 bionics, excluding power storage, and each has an equal likelyhood of spawning. Then on average you character needs to find 410 bionics before they will have a complete collection. And they will have on average 4 duplicates (total 5) of each bionic before they find them all. The real odds are better because of crafting, but worse becuase some bionics are significantly rarer than others.

Not sure how useful this is, but I thought it might amuse some of you. Took my charater forever to find repair nanobots, and I still have a few to go. Here’s to not getting blown up by a random pissed off npc like Emory did.

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A great deal of bionics only spawns in bank vaults, labs and bunkers.
I’d say closer to 1000 than 400.

Install 82nd CBM
“You lose some of your CBMs”

I think crafting could likely be dismissed. You’d use it to complete your collection, but it’s likely that by the time… Waaaait, are any of the CBMs obtainable ONLY via crafting?

Does this mean only at the lab bottom level loot room?

It’s both better and worse than that.

Because of the way bionics “pool” (for instance, technician zombies only drop a pretty short list, and regular lab bionics holders have a fairly short list to pull from), some things you’re going to get in VERY short order, relatively speaking, and then you’ll be finding dups of them forever (my late game characters will have literally dozens of most of the power generation CBMs, for instance).

Then, there’s the “butchers from scientists” stuff, and you can eventually get most of those that way (this DOES include Repair, by the way, unless it’s been changed fairly recently). Bionic soldiers seem to have an expanded list, so you can get some of the fairly rare ones from them.

And then there’s the actual RARE stuff…

Also crash sites, scientist corpses (as in, found already dead commonly with migos and/or krecks on the tile), soldier corpses (same), and spider basements (I’ve seen the strangest things in those).

But yeah, Carbon Filament is CRAZY rare and hard to get. I’ll generally have hundreds and hundreds of other bionics (not counting power) before I get that. The monofilament blade is in that category, too… not sure what else, actually. The vision ones are pretty rare, but not TOO bad, and the teleportation/quantum travel are both commonly in banks.

[quote=“Coolthulhu, post:2, topic:12709”]A great deal of bionics only spawns in bank vaults, labs and bunkers.
I’d say closer to 1000 than 400.[/quote]

I over simplified because the math gets hard otherwise. Zombie Scientits have been my main source of cbms.