Advantages and disadvantages of caffeine

So my newest survival method uses alot of medicine to keep me up to speed, especially caffeine and cocaine.
I scout out the town and grab the easiest at day, once i have a reasonable outlook of the city, i go back with whatever i have, prepare my shelter.
Then i wait for the night. But oh no! Im tired! I dont have a bed yet! Whats the answer? Caffeine. Caffeine cures exhaustion wich is really useful.
You can go days after days just chucking in a caffeine pill every now and then, really useful if you prefer looting at night(wich is much safer)
Thats fine and all, i have only known one adverse effect: When you sleep, your body regenerates, as in first aid loads of regenration.
If you dont sleep for a while, all that battering eventually gets to you, and you must waste first aid kit after first aid kit fixing all those injuries.
That sucks dicks!

So uhh… any other adverse effects of eating caffeine pills?

Not many, and not too serious:

  • Addiction. The more often you take caffeine the higher the addiction level. Once you’re out of caffeine expect abstinence syndrome proportional to your addiction. That in itself can indirectly kill you (your stats are lowered), so prepare for that. Stash food and water so you don’t have to go outside while in this condition.

  • You can have a hard time getting to sleep when you want to if you’re under the effects of stimulants. Sleeping pills (normal or those by poppy plants) and Nyquill help, though.

I don’t know if sleep deprivation can kill you in-game (I’ve only be up caffeinated for a couple days or so). In real life it might not kill you, but your health and cognitive ability seem to suffer from it.

you wind up playing without xp. so you don’t level your skills very much at all cause there’s only so much lugging and organizing and reading you can do. 2 hits of coke or whatever and you can outrun anything, even with addictive personality that’s not usually a problem if you mix up doing loot runs with actions where you’re not in danger while building skills.