Advanced Inventory Managment and 'Favorites' idea

I’m thinking this has been brought up before, in various ways, but anyway…

One of things that I found most tedious about this game (besides vehicle repair) is the ‘return to base’ portion and the all the inventory sorting that follows. Namely, you go down the list and have to sort what you want to stay in your inventory and what you want to offload to your base or vehicle.

This process usually involves going down the long list of stuff you have, sorting by volume / weight / category, and remembering what you want to keep as part of your basic kit and what is fresh loot. So between the lamps, jumper cables, hoses or whatever, and the inevitable mistakes and misclicks you make, it can get quite annoying.

What I propose is an inventory Favorites, similar to the new crafting menu feature. You mark whatever it is in your inventory that you want to keep ‘permanently’ , and then simply filter it out during inventory management. This way, once you’ve got your core kit sorted, it wouldn’t take more than 2 clicks to offload all the loot you’ve gathered during a trip, with no chance of accidentally dropping things you want to keep.

So how there is a ‘W’ for wearables, and a ‘D’ for dragged objects, there would be an ‘F’ to display favorite items, and a / filter function to exclude favorite items from view.

And if possible, when dropping bags to lower encumbrance during a fight, the system could put anything marked as ‘favorite’ to the bottom of the list, before sorting by volume. That way you’d get the semblance that dropping your backpack would only drop your unnecessary items during a fight.

Theres an autosort feature now ‘Y’ to set zones and ‘O’ to sort a pile into those zones

Zones are fine for after you drop your stuff, but I’m talking about the process of initially dropping it in the first place. Very different things.

Zones also don’t work in vehicles, yet. Not sure if that will be implemented.

The general idea is much to do with real life. You would have sort your possessions the same way and remember everything you have. Plus, what you carry should never be able to carry anything more than what you actually could. Holding 5 shotguns is insane.

A good way to divvy all your crap in a vehicle is simple. Assume you have 2 trunk space areas. Divide all the tools and components into one trunk and all the food and medical item + ingredients into the other. Makes life so much easier than getting overly complicated and you will know where everything is without thinking at all.

I need a screw driver? Trunk 1. I need a frying pan to make food? No need to do jack squat. I just chill near both trunks and auto use whichever in the popup.

A contributor is working on extending sorting zones to vehicles right now, including the option to have zones fixed to the ground that work on vehicles, so you can position a vehicle in one of those zones and sort everything out of the vehicle.

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Everyone’s got their own organization methods. My deathmobile is a beautiful tribute to organization. Two piles is just barbaric really. You’re gonna get all your stuff sticky with Pemmican. Are you trying to role play a slob : )

Role play…role play? Pfft…I AM a SLOB! lol



For me, unloading my vehicle isnt a problem. I just go outside, remove the storage part, and its contents get dropped to my feet. My biggest issue is getting the piles of items where my actual base is, which is inside an underground military bunker I’ve been expanding.

Having to haul 10,000L worth of crap downstairs is annoying. I need a freight elevator or something. The actual sorting part is much less problematic.

Had same idea. Videos are full of people leaving base and forgetting to bring things or bringing things they don’t need because they didn’t go through the inventory screen line by line every time.