Advanced Inventory and moving liquids

I’m attempting to move cola from aluminum cans to a 55 gallon drum via advanced inventory. I receive the error message “source must be watertight container”.

I check the container json. Aluminum cans are “watertight: true” but are not “seals:true”.

I add “seals: true” to aluminum cans, and can now transfer from aluminum cans to the 55 gallon drum.

This seems to imply that the inventory system is looking for sealable rather than watertight, which doesn’t make much sense.

Running on a version that’s a month or two out of date so apologies if this has already been resolved.

I think is so that liquids can come spawned in cans, but you cannot use them as refillable containers. That being said it might be a good enhancement to request that advanced inventory containers allow container function sources to be non-resealable since the Unload option does work from cans to pour into items on the ground like you’re describing.

Edit: clarify unload

Fixed in