Aluminum Keg/2.5L Canteen Not Fillable

0.A-1819 Windows Tiles

Have not touched the game since 0.A Stable was released but started getting back into it. Not sure if this is intentional or not but figured it was a bug since it worked before in the past. These items were being wielded at the time at trying to fill them as well if that is of any matter.

Seems when I try to fill the Keg or 2.5L Canteen from a toilet, water pump from a barn etc it does not want to fill it. It states the item is being filled but nothing actually gets into the container itself.

Have not tried any other objects like plastic bottles or regular canteens. I think I remember being able to dump from a plastic bottle into a canteen though with it working properly but then again since I found out these issues I have not actually tried it yet.

Ok so filling them with bottles still work, not sure about using the crafting to use nearby water though but will edit again if I get around to it.

Git issue exists, but thanks for reporting. Not yet sure what’s causing it.

Ah okay my bad, and no problem :slight_smile: Least it still works to an extent haha.

This may be related to a bug which got recently fixed, it would occur any time you try to fill up a container that you were wielding. If it was in the inventory and you try to fill it, then it’s a different bug, maybe even related to those items in particular.

Yep, likely taken care of in latest. Let us know if it isn’t, please.

Yep, likely taken care of in latest. Let us know if it isn’t, please.[/quote]

Yeah it was being wielded which was giving me the problem. Since I forgot to turn off dangerous pickups upon configuring my last download of the client or what not guess I will try it from my inventory instead this time around on the latest version. I will reply back if I find anymore problems with it but of course unless my kid drives me crazy that I actually get the chance to play haha…