Admiral Kotyatkin's Mod

On Valentines day i didn’t know what to present to by valentine. After a little thinking i gave her a cannon. Bitches love cannons!

So, after playing a bit with Tank Mod, i found that 120mm and 155mm cannons ARE NOT ENOUGH, and decided to make this mod in which i will add some more cannons and vehicles with them. Potentially even some more weapons. Progress below.

37mm M3 gun - yep. You can even fire it from the hip! Has AP, HE and shot ammo.

75mm M3 gun - yep. Too heavy to fire by yourself. Has APC and HE ammo.
You can find ammo and cannons in the museum. Ammo can not be crafted now howewer.
To do list:
Balance the 37mm and 75mm guns!
Even more cannons!
M3 Lee Medium Tank vehicle!
Muzzle loading Cannons !

Download link:


Ooo, Downloading and using it right away!
[move] …Totally not because I’m compensating for something I’m “Lacking”.[/move]

Can we expect some black powder field cannons as well?

Sure! Was going to make them eventually, but have no experience in creating a vehicle in files, so they will be added just like 37mm vehicle turret.