Adding value to "Self-aware"

I’m pretty new to the game but it seems to me that the self-aware trait, as at v0.6, isn’t really even worth the 1 point spend. It really doesn’t take long to get enough of a feel for how much HP each body part has by reading the lines without this trait, seemingly making self-aware a trait that I doubt anyone picks once they have the basics down. It’s so poor that it’s not even included in the wiki?

After some discussion regarding the detection of radioactivity and a debate around a warning message of sorts (or not), I was wondering if the self-aware trait might not be the perfect place for this.

Kevin Grenade states clearly that he is happy that the mechanics are working as intended for radioactivity and that is just fine then. But maybe there is still scope for some additional gameplay depth if self-aware could be the trait that would let the character issue an early, or earlier warning to the player of an ailment/disease/toxin etc. developing, thus adding the value to this trait it might need to be a viable option in any build?

I like the idea.

That’s a good point, “typically” stuff like this would go without notice, but there are some symptoms, and with the trait it’d bring them to your attention sooner and more emphatically. I’m wondering if it should also plug into the mutation system to influence mutations toward giving enhanced senses. Then again, for all I know it does that already.

Ever since the change to how health is displayed it hasn’t been that useful, no.

I very much like the idea of adding a little more versatility to it. There’s a number of things where a little extra warning or extra information would be a nice perk to have with Self-Aware.

Last I knew, any trait taken at chargen specifically did NOT affect mutation categories. The wiki assures one that taking Robust Genetics will NOT put one in the Slime category.

(I’m doing a Mutation By The Numbers excel sheet. Any requests?)