Is it worth it?

is it worth it to get self-aware trait? or am i better off using the skill point on something else?

I generally skip Self-Aware in favor of an extra stat/skill point. It is nice to know exactly how close you are to dying though.

Maybe for beginners or people who prefer exact numbers over feel.

1 point that could be better spent on stats or night vision.

Not at all. Most of the time, you loose your caractere only because of pain when you fight, not really because of the hp.

It’s because pain reduce speed so it’s likely you will take dommage from each mob. But no pain and 1 hp can allow you to kill whatever you want with some hit and run.

No need to know what hp you get, really. Better to try to pick a stat or if you want to have better chance in fighting , masochist/pain tolerance (2pt each)