Adding auto travel on older version

Is it possible to add auto travel on older version? And how to add it?

Nope, the only option is to migrate to the latest version or do a lot of coding.

Out of boredom, the realization the vision DDA now follows strictly, specially past 0.D, will never be enjoyable again for me, but mostly because of boredom, I ported auto-travel through judicious cherry-picking of the specific PR and necessary modifications to code. Note though this custom less than half-baked fork of 0.D source code includes more than that: no filthy clothes or ahem “biosignatures” among a few other changes documented therein. In this link there is the modified source code, a Linux and a Windows 64-bit binary as zips(plus a mod I’m about to publish here). If you’re running a Mac, you will have to download the modified source and compile it yourself I’m afraid, because it would be pointless to cross-compile something with no way to test whether it will work or not:

Hope this helps and will be of interest to others as well.

Why would you post your fork to google drive instead of github?

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