Adding and using additional skills (yet more questions)

Is there any way to implement the addition of a new skill via a mod? It seems that while I’ve been able to add a new skill and make it available for investing points, recipes fail to acknowledge that the skill exists.

EDIT: Now that I got that sorted out…any way to disable the "why is firing this weapon using that skill "message that results in making a gun use an oddball skill? Even setting in the skill definition that it’s a gun type and a combat skill isn’t doing any good.

Might be the load order. To test if it is, you could temporarily put the skill in the core game files and the recipes in a mod.

Testing…if it is, this might not be feasible to fix.

EDIT: Nope. The fix was LITERALLY as easy as renaming the mod’s “skills” file to “arcana” so it’s treated as alphabetically before the added “recipe_others” file.

If that’s the case it’s a bug, the only ordering shat should be happening is that mods overwrite base objects.

I figured out how to make the arcana skill exist, but now my symbol of judgement pukes up debug messages demanding to know why firing it involves the arcana skill. :V