Resolved, I am a dunce

Long image is long:

In a nutshell, I was testing a mod that adds a new skill and uses for it. Adding an item that uses the place_monster use action generates a debug message if you tell it to cite a skill not normally used by the action.

However, my testing so far has suggested it DOES use the skill. At 20 arcana I could reliably spawn friendly shoggoths without issue, whereas at 0 skill they’d rebuke me as often as expected, given I’d set the difficulty at 10.

Your screenshot says “unknown skill”, without an actual skill id in it. It should read “unknown skill xyz” (where “xyz” is the invalid skill id).

The “place monster” action requires two skills. What did you wrote as second skill? An empty string? If so, try the “null” instead, it should be recognized as valid id. If that doesn’t solve it, please provide at lest the JSON for the item action.

Btw. if the “arcana” skill was unknown, the message would read “unknown skill arcana”.

Oh. OH. tests

Yeah, seems that the skill2 entry is non-optional. I derped and removed that property.

…doh. Well, it now declares that “null” is an invalid skill. Lemee see if setting arcana for both skill1 and skill2 will get around that.

EDIT: Ahah, THAT fixed it.

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