Part replacment

personally i feel that when we replace a part on a vehicle can be a real pain when its the frame it could take a day to replace a single part i think the option to replace a part with a higher grade part would be a good idea like a frame with a heavy duty frame or board with a heavy duty frame

I do like the idea because upgrading vehicles can take days, but that, for me anyways, is the “hurry up and get it on the road” kind of guy.

Seems realistically that you would need more bolts or welds to install heavier/stronger frames. I know in real life welding 1/8 steel is quicker than 1/4 steel because more time is needed to get the bead to penetrate deeper not to mention the extra pass needed. The steel i imagine the heavy frames to be in game would actually take 3 total passes to weld properly where normal c channel of the regular cars would work with one pass. Or that is how i am envisioning it when i play.

Just my opinion, but the double time that i see in my version of the game makes sense to me. Although admittedly the 1 hour base time for such a small section seems excessive.

oh i making no argument about the time needed to put the parts in the problem i find is taking out every other part above it first when i would say the other connected parts should hold just fine long enough for you to replace that part

Well, IRL, it really depends on the vehicle and the location you would be sectioning. In my mind to do it you would definitely need a hoist.

yeah i can agree about needing a jack of somesort