How do I car?

Okay, been looking on Youtube for recent tutorials to better explain this crafting system but I’ve not found anything that tells me HOW to craft the materials/components of the vehicle.

For example. Say I find a broken down husk of a wreck and I want to take off the Wheels, but instead of removing the wheel it just gives me the base components. Lumps of Steel, scrap metal and Chunks of Steel. I’ve yet to find any book or Construction recipe menu that details a Crafting recipe for the actual wheel itself because I NEED the wheel in order to install it on a Brand New Vehicle.

Could anyone point out a better guide, the one on the wiki is rather lacking in details. Or just point some details that i’m missing? Its thus far been a pretty frustrating experience.

Don’t pull parts off a wreck, pull them off of a vehicle in okish condition. Car parts are color coded by their condition. Grey parts are completely broken, that’s why removing them yields components instead of parts.

What dovla said, get stuff from working vehicles.

Easiest way to build yourself a vehicle is either find a copy of Under the Hood and read it or reinforce plastic/metal/etc things with a soldering iron until mechanics is level 2. Then get yourself a hacksaw, wrench and jack and strip down an entire car until it’s a pile of stuff in the road. Now your mechanics is high enough to build whatever, either pimp out an existing vehicle or start from scratch via the construction menu.

I recommend Military Cargo Truck. In my test of its ability to ram I found that it could ram through 3 cars before the spiked plates were gone.

I recommend a two- or three-tile motorbike made of extra-light frames with an engine in maybe the 1.5- to 2-liter range, a motorbike alternator, a motorbike battery, a small gas tank, and a relatively light matched pair of wheels, as well as a saddle instead of a seat if you can find one. (Don’t forget a muffler for noise control.) For light, install a forward headlight and a floodlight, because you’ll be sideswiping shit like crazy and running into things every time you turn if you just use a headlight. For cargo, I recommend a cargo carrier for its 1000-volume capacity in one tile; if you want a separate compartment for gear and supplies as opposed to lewt, I put a shopping cart basket on the front.

Why do I recommend this? Because it’s not a waste of gas and it’s small enough to navigate around all those goddamn wrecks in the street, that’s why.

Do what they said, if you’re aiming for building something big I strongly recommend making a vehicle welding rig and attaching it and solar panels to your car early in it’s construction, it saves 1000’s of batteries.

Oh btw, 15 wide by 20 long is very close to the limit of what is feasible when it comes to vehicles, trust me I know

Make a foldable vehicle that’s exactly 1000 volume all folded up, so that you can carry it around in a cargo space. When a horde approaches unfold it to slow them to a crawl and pick them off with headshots!

I slapped a folding frame and a folding basket together but the resulting “vehicle” has no prompt to be folded when examined. What am I doing wrong?

Needs vehicle controls

That did it, many thanks bro.