Add your character to my IRL Cataclysm D&DA

Hosting a game with 3-4 players based on Cataclysm, taking almost all of the features and monsters. It should be fun.

For the story I plan to have it pretty loose, but with a number of preset survivors with backgrounds, skills, stats etc. For the players, it’s about a month into the Cataclysm. If you want to have your character in the game, give a quick description and where they might be found!

Golden Dan
Golden Dan, as his friends called him, is the son of a rich entrepreneur of the Chenango Bay area. When he woke up in the hall of his father’s mansion, everyone was dead. He couldn’t really remember what had happened the night before but he knew everything had changed. It was winter and many bodies were lying in the snow in front of the house. Many of them dressed for a party, their pockets full of cocaine. He gathered the dope, took his dad’s Weatherby Mark V from the country lounge and made himself a good old cudgel for smashing the not-really-deads he saw fighting giant ants in the mansion’s yard. Luckily for him, he studied Kendo in town and knew how to fight. He was going to need it.

EDIT: forgot to mention Dan’s Golden Van ! A customized RV in which Dan basically lives.

Dan is a strong and perceptive young man, impulsive, handsome and confident. He makes a good leader but lacks the wit and patience to analyze complex situations. He knows when to listen to others and when to snort some cocaine and jump in the action.

Game-wise, Golden Dan was supposed to start in a LMOE shelter in winter, but the shelter was overrun by giant ants and… didn’t exist. Next to the shelter was a large mansion, where Dan woke up. He found the Book of Five Rings in the mansion’s library and therefore has been smashing things Japanese-style with a cudgel for about 20 days now.

Stats: STR 12 / DEX 10 / INT 10 / PER 12
Positive traits: Indefatigable, Light Step, Night Vision, Quick
Negative traits: Addictive Personality, High Thirst, Lactose Intolerance, Poor Hearing

I usually start with little to no skills, so feel free to add some if you want: melee, cooking (for dope), driving, speaking, dodging

Ken… That’s what he remembered hearing through the foggy memory of his past. He couldn’t remember much, being forced to partake in various mutations when he was young. Most his life was spent in agony as the scientists prodded him and used him as their guinea pig. He mutated several times, resisted it to. Eventually he lost so much and became the monster he was forced to become, craving for desires he knows are wrong. Now he remembers little of his past, however even with this, it serves as his drive to move on forward, leaving everything behind and starting anew when the Cataclysm struck.

He started out in a containment room, at the very bottom of the lab. He spent days acquiring equipment and weapons, his past of martial arts and creativity aided him in survival, and his resolve to live no matter what. He eventually reached the top of the containment facility and burnt the lab to the ground.


Ken is a kind individual, despite how he was treated in his time in the lab. He doesn’t remember his age or birth date, but knows he is quite young. He is calm and collected in most situations, and prefers to think things out and be rational. Despite his kindness, he can become extremely aggressive if anyone he considers to be important to him is threatened or otherwise harmed.

Game wise, he was quite average stat-wise, but through the rigors of survival he became strong, smart, perceptive, and dexterous.
He knows ninjutsu and through practice he can inflict deadly, silent blows with any weapon. He raided a nearby city across a river and acquired many pieces of equipment, and not to mention has a small stockpile of items from the lab he emerged from.

However, as for my state right now, I’m currently outside a lab trying to fix up a battered Humvee.

(I have stats through skills on, but my game is relatively early so i’m not really overpowered)
Stats: Str: 16 / Dex: 12 / Int: 16 / Per: 10 (A full 8,8,8,8 start of the game)

Positive traits: Animal empathy, Cannibal, Deft, Dexterous, Disease resistant, Extremely Strong, Fluffy Tail, Full Night Vision, Gourmad, Indefatigable, Infection resistant, Light Eater, Light Step, Lupine Ears, Masochist, Packmule, Pain Resistant, Parkour Expert, Quick, Quick Pain Recovery, Radiogenic, Road-Runner, Robust Genetics, Self-Defence Classes, Strong Back, Tough, Very Fast Healer, Very Perceptive

Negative Traits: Addictive Personality, Forgetful, Heavy Sleeper, Insomniac, Lactose Intolerance, Lightweight, Poor Healing, Sleepy, Snarling Voice, Trigger Happy, Truth Teller, Weak stomach

(I pick a lot of traits since my stats through skills allows me to become very powerful late game. Early game, i’m quite weak and have no skills)


I’ve added Ken and Dan. Thanks!

I need characters from this scenario:

Boston is a fungal paradise. A single hivemind. After a sufficiently long time in the Cataclysm, the urban center has become the home of both the Mycus, and a few scattered survivors. Who are they, and how are they still alive?


Before the cataclysm she had no goals in life, other than a love of fast cars, bionic modification and old gangster movies.

Working as a Maid in a nearby Mansion, her dreams of an easy life were shattered when the master of the house spurned her most unwelcome advances. She turned to a life of petty theft and hard drugs, culminating in getting fired for constant theft of silverware and eventually ODing during a shooting spree hunting trip.

Facing homelessness and bankruptcy she entered a drug-fueled psychotic episode; stealing a number of priceless antiques and the Master’s Limo before the spree was finally brought to an end when she crashed the Limo in the tail-end of a pileup somewhere on the freeway.

STR: 8 DEX: 12 INT: 10 Per: 12

Skills: Driving, Cookery, First-Aid, Electronics. (Also a choice between Traps/rifles or SMGs.) About 8-10pts between them.
Positive Traits: Psychopath, Skilled Liar, Fleet-footed, Good Hearing, Scout, Light Step, Inconspicuous, Substance Tolerance.
Negative Traits: Addictive Personality, Trigger-Happy, Animal Discord, Insomniac, Jittery, Forgetful.

Addictions: Tobacco, Shrooms, Meth. Probably best to have a save vs Pills as well.
Items: French Maid outfit, French maid hat, Combat boots. Backpack, 10 Cigs, Carving knife, Cash card ($5), Backpack.
Stolen Antiques: Thompson SMG, 1d4 30-round mags, .45ACP. Gas mask, Pocket-watch.

Bionics: 100 Power storage. Alcohol Burner, Fingerpick.[/spoiler]