Add rivtech stuff to mansion drop list, and coffeeshop machines + syrup

It’s kind of silly that things such as the atomic nightlight and atomic coffee maker can be found in random houses on super rare occurrences, but not in the elite summer homes of the rich. It would be neat if appliances from rivtech got added to mansion drop pools.

Also, any opinions on coffee shops? I could see rivtech striking up franchise deals to give coffeeshops stationary atomic coffee makers and atomic energy drink vending machines to get people hooked on that fine caffeine kick. Dis-assemble them like furniture to get the maker part out. Would be neat to be able to make energy drink as well. Probably sugar, caffeine pills, vitamins, some special top secret ingredients, etc. Another recipe to add to the rivtech binder.

Those are all good ideas!

The energy drink dispensers could disassemble to some hoses and metal and plastic and electronic scrap, an atomic energy drink maker/chiller and a small metal tank of atomic energy syrup or something. People with a small amount of cooking can turn the syrup + water through the maker into chilled atomic energy drinks, but you’d need higher cooking and the rivtech binder to make the syrup. Also the maker, but that’s more electronics and fabrication.
Hopefully the syrup is made out of something horrifying so it can fit in with the whole “government contractor privy to top secrets” thing.

The subtle “rivtech was using cutting edge subprime lab research to… develop excessively addictive energy drinks. What else could they have been developing based on it?” realization.