Add 'move' amount to vehicle speed display options

As it stands, the vehicle speed can display as mph, km/h, or tiles a turn. I like tiles a turn, but it’s not descriptive enough, since it doesn’t have any indicator for going 1.5 tiles a turn, or 4.9, or 0.3, etc.
I like the idea of having the move display show up as it does for your character and counted for most things each game.
A tile per turn would be 100 moves (with no modifiers or going diagonal), and so if you were going at that kind of speed it’d say that instead. Or maybe you are going at a speed of 539 ‘moves’ a turn, which would be a little over 5 tiles.
I really like the idea of this, as it gives a better description when it comes to ingame movement. As it is right now you can’t get a proper per-tile distance explanation. It either relates to IRL speeds, or tiles per turn rounded (I think always down but I’m not sure).