Vehicle Movement and general scale

I’ve been trying to adjust the scale of my game to something where one square is around 5 ft. by 5 ft. It’s not really for the sake of realism per se, but it’s just something that bugs me. I also know very little about C++ and can’t really do anything without a template from which to work.

Still, I’ve managed to bump up movement speed by lowering base move costs and terrain costs, and I liked the result. I figured out how to do the same for vehicles, at least speed-wise, by adjusting the following in map.cpp:

The problem is that the game shifts the vehicle a set amount when you wait. So if I significantly decrease that modifier from say 500 to 100, a vehicle at 9 mph would go at say 5 or 6 tiles a turn instead of 1 tile per turn. This makes maneuvering a vehicle highly problematic, especially in city streets and when playing with a 3x spawn rate.

What I want to do now is make it so that I can increase the cruise speed in smaller increments. Like Instead 9 mph -> 19 mph -> 29 mph and so on, it would go at say 2 -> 4 -> 6 or in even smaller increments. I’ve tried playing around with the code that draws the speedometer but that just breaks the speedometer.

Thanks in advance.

Seems you might want to change thr_amount in game::pldrive to something like 2 * 1000.

That did it.

Thank you so much!

Next question: I noticed the turning angle is directly below the code for thrust. Would it be possible make sharp turn function? Like, if I held shift + direction, I’d turn 30 or 45 degrees?

Make a new action like “ACTION_MOVE_E_SHARP”, copy the case for ACTION_MOVE_E in game::handle_action and adjust the first parameter to pldrive. Making a new action involves some more things, like adding a name and id to it, look into action.cpp/action.h and search for ACTION_MOVE_E.

Gotcha. I’ll try that out. Thank you so much.