Acid Corpses

Smashing costs stamina, can’t waste it while you are in a protracted battle and want to make sure the corpses dont revive behind you while you’re fighting the hoard in front of you and the sun is getting low in the sky.

What does stamina do again?

Beacuse in any melee ‘protracted battle’ youre not going to have stamina for long and afaik it only prevents running and penalizes skillrolls.

Doubles time per melee attack at 0.

Maybe for the ultra-skilled that’s fine, but fresh meat wouldn’t want to get caught in the open without stamina.

meh? If youre unskilled you should be packing a way to escape and/or fight without fighting. straight fights are a losing battle for newbie characters.

-Smoke bombs are pretty good for that. Throw one out in front of you and run.
-Slings and bows will help soften things up for cheap. I think you can still fire unfletched arrows.
-bullwhips, tasers, etc, will even the odds and provide a chance to escape. Even robots get stunned by the mighty bullwhip.
-Though nerfed some, try using cocaine or other speed pumpers. Flee into the wind, or just around the critters.
-Fire. gdi fire is like the most underused device in the game, it feels like. For a new player, ducking into a building and lighting a fire on the way out will take care of many of your would-be pursuers.

And if all else fails your car can be used. A new player shouldnt be seeking situations where they face off against more than 6 or 7 critters at a time, and often less if they cant crowd control. night raids are a thing for a reason.

Eh for me, I’m not playing a new player any more, but i havent reached that point of killing everything with turrets yet, and i don’t use guns to much anyways because of the noise. I’ fine taking on several dozen Z’s as long as im marginally careful.

Smoke bombs can not be used. No stamina means you can’t run. Keeping the car close, yes, is important, but it should be within the map-block if you have no stamina. Bows, slings, spears are no good unless you can kite your enemies, which can’t be done when you have no stamina. And yes, I do keep drugs on my person in case of emergency. Doesn’t change the fact that corpse disposal is tedious, time-consuming and/or dangerous. I’m getting into a habit of just leaving corpses behind, exception for special monsters: necro, brutes, shockers and acid. If I killed them once, I can probably handle them a second time. The problem is that risen zombies present an obstacle to driving. I see that as a pretty good argument for a vehicle-mounted wood corpse chipper.

??? Why cant smoke bombs be used in the case of fleeing? I must have missed someting. And what on Earth did you do before running was a thing; back when Zmen were as fast as you? Every zombie was a running zombie.

Corpse disposal isnt supposed to be easy. Why on earth would you think it was? Theyre called undead for a reason.

There’s a few things I’d nitpick with, like the establishment a lore for what needs to be pulped in order to prevent revivification. From there it can be establish how much time/effort it would take.

Also, Im sure Ive mentioned this before, but Im awful sa about the current state of bombs in general. pipe bombs are largely worthless. molotovs have been nerfed into a gamble (which is more in line with their difficultly level. Too easy and their effect too good). matchhead bombs arent great. From there they start getting better, but meh.

As I said, smoke can’t be used to cover your escape because you CAN NOT RUN. Ordinary zombies are faster than you in that state. Not only do you have to get through the smoke, but also into safety. Nevermind, of course, that it takes a certain amount of skill and supplies to craft them in the first place - by which point you’ve probably got better means of escape anyway. I reckon that they’re better used to block LOS to that shocker brute charging you down, so that you can engage as close-range with burst fire shotgun slugs.

Anyway, if you don’t think it’s a problem, fine, but I find that it’s a bit tedious trying to get rid of corpses after a large battle involving one or multiple hordes, and that some automation would serve to improve gameplay.

Right. if you say so.

give it a try some time. I mean, are you actually suggesting that destroying your scent, not making noise, and breaking LoS doesnt work?

I’m saying that you may be fighting hordes and/or driving through towns before your character can realistically drop smoke bombs wherever and whenever you want them to. I’m also saying that that tactic won’t work as well in the street as it would in an enclosed space, and that they may be upon you before the bomb has time to explode at all - assuming it isn’t a dud. And besides, the use of smoke really hasn’t got much to do with the issue of corpse disposal.

Good. then were done here, rite?

You go on not using them and the rest of the world can try them should it please them

Well… the discussion wasn’t really about smoke, which I never said was useless. It was about corpse disposal, and specifically that of acid zombies.

My recent survivor, the one with the turnout gear, is for the most part shrugging off blows from low-tier zombies. Stamina isn’t much of an issue for him, though I imagine a surprise brute or hunter or something could be dangerous. Seems like he runs out of stamina more quickly in combat, but that could be my imagination. I’ve ditched the motorcycle helmet, but I’m still not sure. My others have generally worn mostly leather, with arm and leg guards, kevlar vest, that sort of stuff, so I’m speaking from that experience. I’m also referencing that full-day battle I’d had where zombies began rising while I was still busy cleaning up after the fight. That in and of itself is not a problem. It’s really kind of neat. But that doesn’t mean that a corpse-disposal machine is unwarranted - rather that it would be something that would be rare and/or require a considerable degree of mechanics skill to install.

I am trying very hard to keep this thread from devolving further.

I would also like to discuss how stamina mechanics could become a greater consideration in player decisions (now recognizing that a heavily armoured survivor can effectively fight through exhaustion) by referencing the Dominions4 fatigue mechanic, which penalizes armoured units more heavily by increasing the chance of scoring critical hits against them as they become tired.

I do not find acid zombies or their corpses particularly dangerous, unless it is early game. I do keep butchering them after I stop caring about most zombies though.

I endorse the use of smoke bombs while you still have LOS.

Also, smoke still slows enemies down. Once they pass the smoke they will be faster than you again, and of course the smoke wont help much if they are right on you. But yea, if you use the smoke bomb before the horde is upon you then it isn’t an issue.

Even if it is and your out of stamina, then the zombies that haven’t reached you yet will take extra time to reach you. Unless you can’t kill zombies effectively or something. Then your screwed, but that’s kind of the point.