About vehicle

I think it is necessary to extend the windshield of vehicles to the edge of the car (one cell in each direction). Then you can not get into a closed car without breaking the glass and do not open the door.
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In the experimental version vehicles have undergone a rewrite. Complete vehicles now are no longer accessible through diagonals anymore, the few that are are simply still incomplete.

ok. Thank you for answer

When did that happen? I mean awesome, but I’m wondering how I missed it… :smiley:

IIRC it was part of the vehicle rules rewrite. (But I might just be going crazy, who knows. :P)

If you put boards on the corner squares, perhaps, but as far as I know you can still get in through diagonals. Cube van’s rear section got patched up, I didn’t touch the others.

I think we need a new part that blocks movement but not sight (with less HP than a board) to fill in those corner areas.

Ah ok, my mistake then (Though a part like that shouldn’t be too hard to add.)

So just a weaker version of a frame? Not sure if I like it…

Think more like a weaker, transparent version of a board.

Hard plating actually is tougher, having over twice as much durability as a board.

Other plating is roughly as tough, but transparent. However, it also requires your mechanics skill to be much higher in order to install.