About the "new" mobs

So in the latest update I found that there are vampires, werewolves, terminators, and frankenstein’s! Oh my!

But uh, a few questions.

1: Are these permanent?
2: Why are there so many terminators?
3: …Why do the terminators butcher for plant marrow? I thought they were machines, not triffids.
4: Why are these vampires hanging around zombified towns anyway? Wouldn’t they be mistaken for a human by the zombies? Shouldn’t they be out trying to find human shelters instead?

As stated here and here, it’s a temporary, Halloween-specific mini-mod.

  1. No.
  2. That’s just how they decided to go with it.
  3. A simple bug in the mini-mod.
  4. Ummmmm magic? Seriously, I’m not sure how to answer this one since it’s about the behavior patterns of fictional organisms.


Vampires in my game at least are also naked. That brought up some questions for me.

Wow. It is basically impossible for a new character to enter towns now because of the Werewolves. My last character I decided to prepare, built a knife spear, self bow and field point arrows, got a little armor, and fought a pack of 8 or so werewolves (which you cannot escape because they are faster than you) in some traps, I managed to kill like 3 of them and then died. You can’t just avoid towns either, because you need at least a water bottle from them.

I just go to gas stations to get a water bottle :o also, I usually drink straight from the river.

If you’re having trouble, just light them on fire.

fight near bushes or zombies cloths and BURN EVERYTHING!!!

Naked vampires.
God damn it.
I HATE vampires.
Especially naked.

Dangit, I also hate Halloween.

I noticed animal critters are killing each other now.

My lawn is full of corpses. So many corpses.

These new mobs make it impossible to enter town with a new character.

Already tried being a terminator?
or an agent?

It helps a lot

Yeah, currently you pretty much have to use the new professions to live. In my game the psycho clowns lead balloon had a damage of 50. I figured it was to make up for the crazy spawns.

It’s more because we don’t really care to much about balance for things that are specifically put in the game for a single day as jokes. :stuck_out_tongue: