I'm working on making a set of modular power armor and would like some assistance



With the release of the long awaited 0.D, I’ve finally decided to take the leap of (attempting to) make a contribution to CDDA. This is my first attempt at creating a mod. I’m aware of several guides for modding CDDA, but if anyone would like to add links to additional guides, I would appreciate it.

My idea is to change the existing power armors from being a full body suit and full helmet, to individual parts on a frame or full body suit. Similar to either the power armor from Fallout 4 or the mjolnir armor from Halo, but more grounded in reality.

As of right now I’m basing my trial armor on the MkI power armor, helmet, and the hauling frame.

I’ve managed to lay the groundwork for:

  • A powered helmet that protects hearing

  • A powered mask that has glare 2, a watch, a thermometer, and sunglasses

  • Powered Arms, Gloves, Legs, and boots that can be swapped to either side.

  • Every part is sturdy and waterproof.

What I’m currently working on:

  • Creating the “frame” for the armor to be worn over.

Short Term Goals:

  • Ensuring the armor will be worn correctly

  • Ensuring that running up to 11 individual armor pieces based on UPS or the PA interface is actually possible and there won’t be issues with parts that can be worn on either side.

  • fixing weight, volume, pricing, resistances, and immunities so every piece isn’t just like a regular suit of PA.

Long Term Goals:

  • making the frame the most efficient (or sole) power source for the armor, while potentially still being able to use UPS or PA interface.

  • multiple sets of armor to cover different situations (I.E. one for acid or electric immuniy, combat, enviromental, etc)

  • making sure the parts spawn in appropriate locations (lab finales military locations, etc)

Ideas and Thoughts:

Some pieces having at least semi-realistic abilities, such as locking the legs and/or feet to prevent or resist being downed, melee weapons/simple guns/tools/holsters/sheathes on parts, being able to launch or release grenades/flares, gasses, or liquids from parts.

Should there be different types of frames? Like homemade/jury rigged that uses batteries/car batteries less efficiently, scientific that’s lighter but weaker and maybe runs on plutonium, industrial that’s bulky and heavy but runs on storage batteries, military that’s more combat orientated and uses UPS?

Should the armor be able to be worn without the frame for an additional encumberance penalty and a lose of some immunities or abilities?

What types of armor would people like to see, without them being too OP?


OMG this can be as big as a car like sistem we have curently in the game or realy shity.

Sorry for the negativity i realy like the idea im gust sceptical of the quality.It might be a good alternative to the clasical mutations and ciber enchancements.


Well if I can get the proper groundwork created for the frames then the possibilities could be just about endless.

The biggest issue I’m having right now is getting the individual limbs to function the way I want them to.


@Maverick I think its too hard idea for first mod. Some complex system needs to C++ code, and i think (thanks for game achitecture) it REALLY wont be easy and really invasive.