About equipment anti-acid re-adjustment

There are a lot of acid monsters in the game, but there are very few acid resistant devices. Boots like fire boots are partially acid resistant, but 40 rubber boots are not completely acid resistant, it’s just a drag

I really don’t got the acid thing.

No really.

It can eat is way trough the thickness of the sole of a combat boots but can’t against cheap rubber boots ?

Same as real life, it all depends of what is made of.

May i suggest the boots made from the acidic ants chitin?, havent tried anything agaisnt acid (since i always play a ranged cahracter) but but in the case you have the ants, they would be kind of disposable boots with all the chitin surpluss

Glass armor? That sounds like fun

Only three NBC protective suits, ANBC suits and RM13 can fully achieve the purpose of acid protection

For acid proof, my personal feeling is that only complete and ineffective, incomplete acid proof will still lose blood, acid corrosion property superposition five layers, incomplete defense can still burn broken legs

Temporary glass plate shoes, LOL which sounds very funny

Now that the endurance system has been overhauled, the rubber boot is very cumbersome and not completely acid proof, it should be balanced