What's the best protection against acid pool?

So, I though that wearing turnout boots would basically make acidic zombies and ants much less of an issue because puddles of acids wouldn’t be an issue, but I still take ton of damage to the legs. What’s the best armor/trick against acid?

The best boots for acid are probably rubber boots until you can craft survivor fire/wetsuits. Thing is, puddles somehow apply to your legs as well, so you need to protect them too somehow.

Yeah I never got the leg protection part it’s like what is there just a huge glomp of acidic slime in the middle of the street now or what.

I imagine it’s supposed to be splashing? But unless you’re doing a violent tap-dance, the damage is way too high.

If it is supposed to be splashing why do you’re legs receive damage when standing still? Also the lab coat should have some acid protection.

I am using a long bow now and always try to fight zombies one by one.
The acid zombies usually can’t hit me directly and just make pool of acids around me.
If I step onto acid, I just run and use smoke grenade.

As for the lab coats, I think they are the thin ultra-white ones; designed to show any and every little stain. Essentially built for hygiene and anti-contamination purposes, rather than to provide any real protection.

At least that’s how I imagined them to be.

Acid is a no malarky kinda thing! While many type of acid exist. The most caustic type will do almost the what was seen in those Alien films. You think a metal bulk head in a space ship gets messed up, having that on your legs…PHheewww…yer screwed!

RM13 is your best definite option against acid. Or anything, really.

If you have to fight an acid zombie in melee try to get to a nearby vehicle if possible. If you stand on/in a vehicle space you are immune to the acid pool. Try to arrange it so both you and the acid zombie are on the vehicle so you both get the movement/action point penalty while you kill it.

Even better both of you get on a vehichle with you on an isle and it on a slower tile.

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Keep your distance from it. If it’s a spitter or an acid zombie, butcher it instead of smashing and you’ll avoid acid splash.