Shoving back enemies

I would like to be able to shove enemies one tile back with a possibility of stunning them (simulating them falling down). I have encountered many situations where I want to move an enemy a tile back so I can close a door or simply get them away so I can try to escape. Obviously, this would only work on enemies that are of similar size or smaller than you ( IE, you cant shove back a hulk).

Anyway, what do you guys think?

Remember, it would take enormous strength to shove off more than one zombie. Just my two cents.

Sorry, maybe I didn’t word it correctly, but I only meant being able to shove back one enemy at a time. Shoving them back into a few other zombies will not really do much.

I dunno, someone who can pull, say, a car with ease can likely push back a few zombies. Also, it would have a chance to hurt you when you push the zombie as the zombie is still attacking you.

“He did not had a weapon. A zombie was chasing him. Desperatley, he flew to the nearest house. The zombie was still walking towards him, everytime faster. Faster. Faster. The door is locked! cried the man. He tried to pry it off with the crowbar. The zombie was still walking towards him, at 3 feet of distance. C’mon, said the man. Open now! The door was still closed shut. The zombie kept approaching. C’monnnn! shouted the man, as he finally opened the door, while the zombie started grabbing his arm. The man got free and entered the house, being chased by the undead creature. The desperate person turned around, and kicked the zombie out of the house. The, he closed the door. Finally… he was safe… Or was he?”

I think it is a really good idea to add. It would help a lot and it is something realistic.

I’ve seen it mentioned in other threads, and yeah, a “shove” or “kick” mechanism would rule! The chance to stun might only be appropriate for less powerful zombies and smaller animals.

Strength dependent shoving sounds really great!

Yeah, I also want to stun them and catch them in my cage traps!

Oh wait… Wrong game.

I do want to be able to inflict a speed reducing attack.

With some of the advances in the martial arts code this could probably be added in a while[sup]TM[/sup] (depending on how long it takes before someone wants to put in the work needed :P).

If I had any coding knowledge I would attempt to make this happen, but all I know is some very basic level Batch.

So what about now? Would this be easy to add?

well… kick to the balls of zombie… or kick by the leg for brake the zombie-legs. good idea.