Should the requirements for pushing objects be lower than for pulling?

Perhaps somewhat too minor of a thing to deserve a topic, but either way, here it is. In real life, it is usually significantly easier to push objects, than to pull them, and would be a relatively small change to make, that would make playing low(er) strength characters nicer, in some (admittedly insignificant) cases.

Probably some significant ones too as otherwise you’d not have mentioned it. Probably doable, but would require some fiddly direction-checking though.

The primary thought was pushing cars, but then I realized that wheels and their direction wasn’t taken into account so it’d be impossible anyway, but I decided to suggest it anyway. Those two changes could probably be included in one PR.

I remember from 0.A, that if you build a single tile vehicle that you could not walk over, you could pull them but not push them. I wondered if it wasn’t anything intentional but rather something to do with how the code handled grabbing and dragging vehicles.

Maybe a rolling dolly item? Apply it on a heavy furniture or whatever and make it dragable?